Fleet Washing Services

Truck washing by Rexdale Mobile Wash has been our mainstay since we opened our doors over 50 years ago! Today’s fleet managers recognise that a regular fleet washing program is not only important in maintaining a company’s image, but improves drivers attitude towards their vehicle and it’s safe operation.

Rexdale Mobile Wash will work with fleet managers to schedule truck washing programs that are reflective of your fleet size and its composition. A truck washing program with us will take into consideration your fleet’s hours of operation, any special location and environmental concerns and standard operating procedures that are specific to your business and industry.

Tailored truck washing program with us can help your company maintain the height of your vehicles appearance. Follow the link below to explore more of the detailing services provided by Rexdale Mobile Wash.

At Rexdale Mobile Truck Wash we recognise that safety, environment, image and the return on investment play important roles in the successful operation of your business. We can help you!

Call Rexdale Mobile Wash Inc. today to help you with your mobile pressure washing and industrial cleaning services. Our team will respond to you 24 hours a day when needed.



Speciality Fleet Cleaning Services